04-02-14 Greetings from St. Gloria's Palace, my house, the sofrito-scented tortured-femme cave. Today we will discuss the transformative moment that was SMASH IT DEAD FEST. That shit seriously owned my life and kicked me out of this punk-related rut, heavily due to the isolation that comes from being angry. Angry at sexism, violence, abuse, movements and bands and zines that have power, despite their abuse-apologist foundations. This was the kind of disillusionment another period wasnt going to cure. SMASH IT DEAD FEST proved that we are not alone in our anger, and its the reason we are still here, starting shit, in the first place.

Speaking of starting shit, I would love for you to check out BROWN RECLUSE ZINE DISTRO, as well as this NEW LOGO I just made for them. BRZD is a zine distro entirely devoted to zines created by people of color. The conversation on dismantling white supremacy is never over, and while we can say our piece and give power to our cultures and our experience in situations where people are going to congregate and listen; archiving these words is fucking crucial.

Also in recent art additions is THIS LOGO for CHICAS ROCKERAS, a girl's rock camp for the community in south east Los Angeles. Chicas Rockeras are promoting healing, growth, and confidence for girls through music education, while building self-esteem and encouraging group collaboration.

In other news pertaining to rad visionaries of color; Ive uploaded A DRAWING of one my favorite local punk bands, AYE NAKO, for their upcoming set at Brooklyn's HEY QUEEN!. Check out their music because they are everything you have ever wanted.

And lastly, Ive uploaded SIN VERGUENZA, a drawing I made about ending my saturn return and feeling at peace with my Cubanasa insides and my sexualized outsides. From this drawing came a slew of inspired images of fierce mujeres in uncompromising outfits, organs, orgies and witches; which will be completed for QUEER PROPHECIES, an exhibit at this years QUEER ARTS FESTIVAL in San Francisco, CA. More details on that soon!

In the meantime, please checkout my upcoming events! This weekend ill be performing with my queer writer tour family, SISTER SPIT, at this year's NYC stop. Please check out their tour if they visit your town! Awesome lineup featuring Michelle Tea, Dia Felix, Chinaka Hodge, Jerry Lee Abram,Lenelle Moise, Beth Lisick, Rhiannon Argo, & Virgie Tovar.

This summer Ill be taking part in a few rad things aside from QUEER PROPHECIES; namely Y QUE?, The Young Latino Artist exhibition, curated by MAS RUDAS, an amazing Chicana art collective in San Antonio, TX; and FED UP FEST a queercore festival in Chicago, IL. More info to follow in the coming months! Hasta luego.... and YOLO OR WHATEVER.


April 5, 2014
@The New Museum, New York, NY

Ill be reading alongside the Sister Spit tour, featuring Michelle Tea, Dia Felix, Chinaka Hodge, Jerry Lee Abram,Lenelle Moise, Beth Lisick, Rhiannon Argo, & Virgie Tovar. More info at http://www.radarproductions.org/sister-spit-tour-schedule-spring-2014/

June 19, 2014
@Sub-Mission Art Space, San Francisco, CA

Debuting at the 2014 National Queer Arts Festival, Queer Prophesies is a prophetic window, a portal into manifold queer futures. With gender expression holograms, musical visions, and stories of our queer descendants, this is a night of performance and visual art exploring queer futures, utopias, and dystopias that resist assimilation and explore the queer unknown. Featuring work by Lex Non Scripta, San Cha, Cristy C. Road, Annie Danger, Star Amerasu, Nomy Lamm, Moon Ray Ra, and more! For More info visit http://www.queerprophesies.com

June 13 - Sept. 8, 2014
@Mexic-Arte Museum, 419 Congress Ave, Austin, TX

Curated by Mas Rudas Collective, Y QUE? Will exhibit work by young Latino artists. More info to come!

July 25 - 27, 2014
@TBA, Chicago, IL

FED UP FEST is a three day, all ages, DIY music and workshop festival showcasing and celebrating queer and transgender voices in punk communities. More details coming soon! In the meantime, please visit their website at http://fedupfestchicago.org/

02-07-14 Its 2014 and the same things still suck. The news is telling the same story because the same people are abusing the same power and destroying the same communities. So, when things feel slightly less off the edge a I find myself in a moment where I see the value of hard work in some evolutionary way; I still cant tell if its me getting older or global collective conciousness. And to top it off--- many of the "alternative" media outlets with universal power are still, well, racist.

Its on this cyclical account of "what is the point to anything anyway" (a.k.a. PMS), that I unearth the humbling beautiful things that keep me alive. On that list of saving graces is a rad new book on THREE OCKLOCK PRESS entitled LETTERS LIVED: RADICAL REFLECTIONS AND REVOLUTIONARY PATHS. Edited by Sheila Sampath, Letters Lived includes letters by a diverse group of international and cross-generational social justice activists to their teen selves. Included is a letter I wrote to teenage Cristinita; as well as letters by Victoria B. Robinson, Shea Howell, Juliet Jacques, Selma James, Elisha Lim, Rozena Maart, Lee Maracle, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Nina Power, Coco Riot, Rae Spoon and Kit Wilson-Yang.

As far as art updates---- my life is currently revolving around my band, THE HOMEWRECKERS' first full-length with a tentative release date. I just completed the COVER ART and you can see it LIVE in the ARTWORK. Check out more updates on shows and releases at THE HOMEWRECKERS www home.

In other art news, Ive completed a POSTER for THIRD WOMAN PRESS, the revolutionary press who brought us This Bridge Called My Back, Chicana Lesbians, & Third Woman. The poster was created in support of their revitalization project, helping THIRD WOMAN PRESS continue publishing new work.

Additionally, in the COMMISSIONS section of the ARTWORK, you will find new work for NYC Queer Nightlife Champs, HEY QUEEN!, a new T-shirt design for MIXTAPES, the amazing pop-punk band from Cincinatti, OH (who just happen to feature Maura, one of my all-time favorite punk vocalists), and the 7" cover art for NYC Queer Punk band, THE SHIVERING BRIGADE.

With all this said---- Check out some upcoming events! Ill be reading at Brown University + Youth Pride Inc., a rad organization who provides support, advocacy and education for Rhode Island's LGBTQ youth. Later on in March, THE HOMEWRECKERS are venturing up to rad Boston feminist punk fest SMASH IT DEAD FEST, which will feature tons of punk bands from all over, and an afternoon reading with the incomparable Imogen Binnie and myself!

Although lets be real: Momma Road is hibernating, writing new lyrics about old feelings, drowing herself in Tarot Card drawings, hosting brunches for tired punks, and watching horrible television shows. Its winter! Lets celebrate and try not to cry. Warm Beveragecore 2014.

March 5, 2014
@Youth Pride Inc., Providence, RI

Ill be hosting a 5:30PM zine workshop for YOUTH PRIDE, open to LGBT youth and their allies, ages 13-23.

March 6, 2014
@Brown University, Providence, RI

Ill be hosting an afternoon workshop on the Art Industry & Queer Latina Identity; followed by a reading from Spit and Passion later that evening.

March 28 - 30, 2014
@Various locations, Boston, MA

SMASH IT DEAD Is a 3-day long punk festival benefiting the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, featuring over 25 feminist, anti-capitalist bands coming together to smash patriarchy and redefine "support". For more Info and updates visit http://smashitdead.net/

12-12-13 HOLY GELLY ROLLS! In honor of the newest addition to my hoard of art supplies, I would like to dedicate this update to Gelly Roll Pens, the finest in plastic ink since acrylic paint. Unfortunately, to the dismay of our eyes, computers dont seem to capture neon colors; which means that the myriad of neon accents featured in my most recent paintings will only be available to you via real life. How busted is that? Luckily, I am showing art this Friday Night at The Papercut Press 2013 Annual Release event--- One Night Only!

In related Gelly Roll news, Ive uploaded two new TAROT CARDS for THE 3 OF SWORDS and THE QUEEN OF SWORDS. Owning our truth and communicating it to ourselves and to others is vital for the swords. Sometimes we hurt ourselves and wallow in conflicted pain (and thats okay to an extent, but we must persevere). Other times, we own it all, even if all is exasperating and painful. Seperate your brave face from the weight of the world with barbed wire and floral arrangements. In T.M.I. We Trust.

Aside from those SWORDS, Ive updated the links to most of the Tarot Cards with their latest incarnations featuring the vehement use of Gelly Rolls. Amidst the update; I realized how claustrophobic my PORTFOLIO on this website has been making me feel, so I gave her a facelift..... Freely browse without awkward speed bumps from 2007 (the year I hated drawing)!

With that said, please do come out Friday Night for The Papercut Press 2013 Annual Release event, and check out all my upcoming events, including THE HOMEWRECKERS' (my band) first show in Brooklyn with our new drummer + some sweet local and touring bands featuring a fare share of pissed off women and queers. GET IT!

Friday, December 13
@Union Docs, 322 Union Ave. Brooklyn NY

Papercut Press invites you to celebrate the launch of the 2013 Papercut Annual, an anthology of works by some of our favorite poets, authors, and visual artists. Readings by: Stephen Boyer, Jacob Kaplan, Tommy Pico, Montana Ray, Margarita Shalina, & Eric Sasson. Ill be showing paintings [they will be in cute frames]. https://www.facebook.com/events/544097422342429/

Thursday, December 19th
@Hanks Saloon, 46 3rd Ave. Brooklyn, NY

The Homewreckers (Brooklyn Queercore), Dirty Circle (Brooklyn Punk), Princess Tiny & The Meats (Brooklyn Queergoth), Pretty Pretty (Powerpop from Columbus, OH). THIS SHOW IS FREE / Suggested Donations for touring band and bands who took cabs / YEAH! https://www.facebook.com/events/690092554349186/

March 2014
@Brown University, Providence, RI

Ill be reading from my Spit and Passion and hosting a workshop on Identity and the media. More info TBA.

10-27-13 Just as RACE RIOT! Tour comes to an end (for me), I urge you to checkout all the amazing work we've been presenting every night: NIA KING (We are Not White Lesbians, Angry Black White Girl, MXD: True Stories by Mixed Race Writers), NYKY GOMEZ (Skinned Heart Zine, Brown Recluse Zine Distro), TOI SCOTT (Genderqueer Philosophactivist), ANNA VO (Fix My Head Zine, The Swan The Vulture), PATI GARCIA (Chula Doula). Some of us are still on the tour, so reasearch that on POC ZINE PROJECT.

After this, I'm venturing down to Florida for a spoken word performance at QUEER THE FEST! Along with music by Lipstick Homicide (my currently all-time favorite band), Max Levine Ensemble, Guts, Aspartame, Benny The Jet Rodriguez, & a SPECIAL SURPRISE! Workshop topics include Transgender Activism, Racism in the South and MORE! The fine folks at QTF are enabling an amazing day of workshops and music in conjunction to THE FEST, the multi-day-extravaganza of punk bands from all over. Through the years, the queer struggle in punk has taken a back seat in straight-dominated subcultures; while 9345893 queer teens have flocked to punk for salvation. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP..... Join us at QUEER THE FEST while we celebrate Queer Punk for 24 hours! ....Not that we will stop celebrating afterwards, hello.

Friday, November 1st
@ South Main Arts Complex, Gainesville, FL

Music by Lipstick Homicide, Max Levine Ensemble, Benny The Jet Rodriguez, Guts, Aspartame, and a SECRET BAND SURPRISE! Readings by Cristy C. Road (Spit and Passion) and Morgan (Whats Normal Anyway?), Poetry by Yaz, Logan, Jacqui, Serafima, Charles, J.R. Miller, Rusti, Krissy, Tracy, Caitlin, and Autumn Springs, Theatrical Performance by Krissy Abdullah, and workshops on Transgender Activism and Racism and The South. For more info, visit http://queerthefest.tumblr.com/

10-8-13 I was recently reading this blog where the author listed the differences between being a "professional artist" and an "amateur artist". To my discomfort, I found a list of differences between being a paid artist and an unpaid artist---- a niche voice or a universal voice; a commercial artist with marketable skills, or a radical artist with marketable skills (and ethical reservations). Because we're not here for your money---- we're here because we no longer fit in our cages.

One's choice to profit off art hardly seperates them into a higher tier; because often times, we dont have a choice---- we grab opportunities while we fend for our beliefs. As for artists coming from disenfranchised demographics? We dont often have that luxurious choice: to market or not to market! We starve or dont starve, we feel proudly exposed or we feel exploited, we slave for a deadline or for an endless vision. We can compromise our soul and our vision for money, tweak our soul for money, tweak our anger for universality, or toil deeply into the depths of our "niche" and talk about the real shit. Then we sigh a deep sigh of relief and remember that joining a society of artists for a minimal fee of $insertthreedigits does not make you professional; but rather; part of their system (or, ofcourse, financially stable. Because theres nothing wrong with putting yourself out there if you can). My system, as a "professional artist", is founded on the need to express and revolutionize the dents in the system we cant avoid.

For now, I owe the future of my creative dedications to awesome organizations dedicated to giving power to the voices of queer women of color and our multi-gendered co-conspirators. One of which is PEOPLE OF COLOR ZINE PROJECT, who Ill be joining next week on the RACE RIOT! TOUR for a second time. POC Zine Project is an archive and organization with the goal of making zines by people of color easy to find, distribute, and share.

After parting ways with RACE RIOT!, Ill venture down to Florida for a spoken word performance at QUEER THE FEST! The fine folks at QTF are enabling an amazing day of workshops and music in conjunction to THE FEST, the multi-day-extravaganza of punk bands from all over. Through the years, the queer struggle in punk has taken a back seat in straight-dominated subcultures; while 9345893 queer teens have flocked to punk for salvation. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. Where are our allies? Join us at QUEER THE FEST while we celebrate Queer Punk for 24 hours!

Sike, the celebration never stops. Speaking of which, I uploaded the poster I just did for my band THE HOMEWRECKERS upcoming show with RVIVR to the ARTWORK. With that said.......... hold on to yourself.

October 19th - 28th (For additional dates please visit
@ San Francisco, CA
- Bismark, ND

Saturday, October 19th
@ SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA

Join the RACE RIOT Tour in Seattle, WA! Performances by Nyky Gomez, Toi Scott, Anna Vo, Cristy C. Road, Nia King, Pati Garcia ! The POCZP’s mission is to make zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share.

Monday, October 21st
@ Third Space Art Collective, Davis, CA

The POCZP’s mission is to make zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share.

Wednesday, October 23rd
@ In Other Words Books, Portland, OR

Performances by Nyky Gomez, Toi Scott, Anna Vo, Cristy C. Road, Nia King, Pati Garcia ! The POCZP’s mission is to make zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share.

Friday, October 25th
@ Black Coffee Co-op, Seattle WA

Join the RACE RIOT Tour in Seattle, WA! Along with Performances by Agatha & My Parade
$5 // Wheel Chair Accessible

Friday, November 1st
@ South Main Arts Complex, Gainesville, FL

Workshops, presentations, and a SECRET SHOW! For more info, visit http://queerthefest.tumblr.com/

9-10-13 Today I realized I was a registered Independent, so I wasn't allowed to vote in the primaries. Woe is this flurry of awkward feelings ... Hopefully these black candles [to dispel negativity] assist our journey out of the dark and crusty hole Mayor Bloomberg thoughtlessly dug for us.

In honor of our beloved city, Ide like to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the release of BAD HABITS; my illustrated novel about healing from sexual trauma; drugs, community, and New York City. Please check it out and get your favorite local bookstore to carry it!

In art news, I've spent most of my time finishing the art for THE HOMEWRECKERS [my band] new full-length, "I" Statements, and my collaborative TAROT CARD DECK with author, Michelle Tea. But none of that is ready for the www... In the meantime, please enjoy PATHETIC: THE MUSICAL my most recent display of feelings. Its a painting about my ego and my victim mentality looking down at the skeletons of my oxytocin, from the G Train. Its not intended to share a revolutionary moral.... Its just, like.... my feelings.

Aside from those things, please check out my upcoming events! I have readings in Brooklyn and Denver, and this October I'll be reconnecting with THE RACE RIOT TOUR, hosted by PEOPLE OF COLOR ZINE PROJECT. POC Zine Project is an amazing zine resource and archive, with the mission to make all zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share.

Saturday, September 28th
@Hullabaloo Bookstore, 711a Franklin Ave, Brooklyn NY

Ill be reading with Chavisa Woods, Mario Alberto Zambrano, Sassafras Lowrey, Tommy “Teebs” Pico.

Wedneday, October 3rd
@University of Denver, Denver CO

Ill be reading from Spit and Passion and Bad Habits and answreing questions.

October 18th-October 27th

Join the POC Zine Project and over 23 POC Zine writers on a rotating cast of performers for the entire month of October! More details to follow. For More Info visit http://poczineproject.tumblr.com/

6-10-13 After the end of winter, Sister Spit tour, a collection of irritable bowel functions, some sacred rituals, some long walks along waterfronts, some long walks along places where Ive been broken up with, and some accidental omens---- Ive gladly become a version 30.1 Gemini; a well-balanced hybrid of post saturn-return wisdom; and pre-saturn return cunt. While rummaging through my greatest weaknesses and inabilities; I thought I had lost the fierce bitch who loved expressing sexuality through a lens which had [finally] healed from a shit-ton of bullshit. Because when the universe shits on you; it doesnt forget your scars, it just re-energizes their fury. So then what?

You learn some shit, thats what. So now that I have emerged, I finally finished FULL MOON IN GEMINI, a painting I started in 2010. Its about maintaining sex-positivity in times of decay (all kinds of decay-- environmental, political, anal). I stopped working on it during a couple of stifled years of figuring out the trick behind not totally losing yourself (when shit goes to shit). So after a few months of soul-searching; I actually did find myself (or, rather, a way to articulate the fluctuating worlds that bodies go through).

To celebrate our triumphs and resurrect the tough cunt that laughs at looming challenges; Ive completed THE CHARIOT; the latest addition to the Tarot Deck (that Im working on incredibly slowly on purpose). THE CHARIOT stares with a thoughtful, sexy glare, an entourage of power, and the determination to complete the journey that lies ahead, despite all that crumbles around us.

And, as things crumble; Ive added a few new drawings to the COMMISSIONS AND DONATIONS. A QUEER PUNK SHOW FLYER, a poster for STAN LEE'S COMIKAZE (COMIKAZE EXPO), and a logo for BLOODLINE, LLC. In business news, Ive added new stuff to the PRESS Section, including a bunch of Spit and Passion reviews and an interview in Curve Magazine.

Aside from drawings, I have a few events coming up. In Brooklyn NY, Ill be showing work at URBAN INFLUENCE, an exhibit with Brooklyn artists Jaclyn Brown, Craig Johnson II, Josama, Carla Reyes, Ricardo Diaz, Emma Gluckman, Sato Hilario, Morgan Lappin, Hannah Lichtenstein and artist/curator Al Benkin! In Pittsburgh, PA, ill be reading and tabling at RHINESTONE STEEL, a queer arts and music fesitval. Check out details below! L8'R G8'R!

Friday, June 21-June 30th
@3rdEye(Sol)ation, 1501 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

A dynamic & diverse bunch of local talent., this show displays varying interpretations & mediums of urban influence. Opening reception is Friday June 21st from 7pm-11pm with live music from Vince Price, Glittered and Mauled & Yva Las Vegas.

RHINESTONE STEEL Queer Music and Arts Festival
Saturday, July 13
@3577 Bigelow Blvd. Pittsburgh P.A.

Rhinestone Steel is an all-day, all-ages queer music and arts festival!! Rhinestone Steel (RSS) hosts local and nationally recognized musical performers, showcases queer art, and allows queers and allies to come together in a safe and fun environment. For more Info visit http://rhinestonesteel.wordpress.com/

HOLY MOLY ITS ALMOST APRIL 2013! Didnt think this would ever happen when I first had a talk about joining Sister Spit on April 2013. Its not that it looked far away (because time is a construct), it just looked like a faulty gas pipe would explode prior--- or something. Alas, Im ready to embark on a Queer literary and artistic journey with the ever legendary SISTER SPIT: THE NEXT GENERATION. This years tour will feature Michelle Tea, Ali Liebegott, Dave End, Texta Queen, Daniel Levesque, and myself. WOAH! Too many queer boners in one sentence? Its okay, the universe prefers it that way. Come out and listen to us read and perform from our latest projects, laugh a little, rage a little, gaze into your lovers eyes and cry a little...... Tour Dates are listed below! More info can be found at the RADAR PRODUCTIONS Website.

3-31 - San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Public Library at Koret Auditorium - 100 Larkin St.

4-1 Oakland, CA - Rock, Paper, Scissors Collective

4-2 - Pasadena, CA - Pasadena City College/Creveling Lounge- 1570 East Colorado Boulevard

4-3 Riverside, CA - UC Riverside - 900 University Avenue

4-6 Seattle, WA Richard Hugo House - 1634 11th Avenue

4-7 Portland, OR The Intercultural Firehouse at IFCC

4-8 Eugene, OR

4-9 Fresno, CA -The Voice Shop

4-10 Los Angeles, CA - Otis College of Art and Design - 9045 Lincoln Boulevard 

4-11 Los Angeles, CA REDCAT Theater - 631 West 2nd Street

4-12 Long Beach, CA MADHAUS Gallery

4-14 New York, NY The New Museum

4-20 Albany, NY The Pride Center

4-16 Toronto, Canada Gladstone Hotel

4-20 Chicago, IL CIMMFEST at The Hideout

4-21 Bloomington, IN Rachel’s Cafe

2-14-13 OMG Its finally time for mini-tours galore! Coming up first is the LA ZINE FEST, where Ill finally be reunited with RACE RIOT! and the POC ZINE PROJECT, to present work (and rage) with some of my favorite QPOC zine writers, Osa Atoe, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Miriam Bastani, and Brooklyn's own Suzy-X. Reunited! It feels so good! On that same week and same region; Ill have art up at HOW MUCH ART CAN YOU TAKE? An exhibtion in Riverside, CA documenting art and punk from CA and beyond. Following this, Ill be presenting at FIVE COLLEGE GENDER AND SEXUALITY CONFERENCE at Hampshire College, along with a bunch of rad queer performers and educators, including (but not limited to) THE HEELS ON WHEELS ROADSHOW, the super rad NYC queer femme performance extravaganza.

Speaking of HEELS ON WHEELS, Ill be reading at the OPEN-TOE PEEP SHOW SALON, an amazing queer performance series put together by the fine folks at HEELS ON WHEELS. Ill be reading new stuff about current feelings (not middle school), alongside to the legendary Silas Howard, among many more! So come the F out!

Last, but certainly not least, Ill be reading at INTERNATIONAL WOMYN'S WEEK At Evergreen College, in Olympia, WA-- please check this web update for further details.

Theres a few more west coast events coming up; including yet another month-long tour with SISTER SPIT, the all-queer spoken word road-show, coming your way APRIL 2013. Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it all out!

LA ZINE FEST Presents BEYOND RACE RIOT: People of Color in zines from 1990s - Today
Sunday, February 17th
@The Ukranian Cultural Center, 4315 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA

Join POC Zine Project members Mimi Thi Nguyen, Cristy C. Road, Osa Atoe, Mariam Bastani, Suzy X and POCZP founder Daniela Capistrano as they reunite after the 2012 Race Riot! Tour at L.A. Zine Fest. POCZP members will present a multimedia reading and discussion, as well as answer questions about their experience traveling to 14 cities and six universities on the Race Riot! tour, strategies for building community, and more. For more info on the LA Zine Fest, please visit http://lazinefest.com/

Saturday, February 23rd
@VLHS, Pomona, CA

Recognizing that there are many artists working in our midst, producing works that aren't just the music on the records we listen to every day, we've decided to come together and produce an art show. Held on the stained walls of Pomona's DIY space VLHS, we plan to bring together many local and some non-local painters, illustrators, zine-makers, photographers and other individuals enriching our scene with something other than the music we love. Featuring work by Cristy C. Road, Yumi Sakugawa, Mitch Clem, Art Fuentes and sooo much more!

Friday, March 1st
@Hampshire College, Amherst MA

Ill be reading from Spit and Passion and hosting a DIY Publishing workshop as part of the larger event. The "Queer Conference" is a free, student-organized conference, and is known for tackling taboo and oft-ignored subjects. We aim to provide a safe and fun space for engaging and much-needed learning and sharing, with workshops, panels, and lectures. Our panels and workshops address crucial but often ignored topics surrounding sexuality and gender.

Sunday, March 3rd
@The Village at Guerje, 884 Pacific St. , Brooklyn, NY

Ill be reading all new stuff about feelings, accountability, depression, and feelings, along with Silas Howard, Merrie Cherry, and Lotus Eater Machine

Thursday, March 7th
@Evergreen College, Olympia WA

As part of International Womens Week, Ill be reading from Spit and Passion and leading a discussion on gender, race, and the independent media.

April 2013
@All over the US and Maybe Canada

SISTER SPIT Hits the Road again with queer literary, performance, and emotional madness--- The 2013 Van will feature Michelle Tea, Ali Liebegott, Cristy C. Road, Texta Queen, Daniel Levesque, and Dave End. For up to date info and details, please visit http://www.radarproductions.org


Never Archive news. Checkout My RESUME for an archive of past events.